What's Next?

Senior Showcase

 Christopher will be performing in the Nazareth College BFA Musical Theatre Class of 2018 showcase in New York City on March 15th, 2017 under the direction of Brett Smock. Performances are at 1pm and 5:30 pm at the Jerry Orbach Theater. For more info or to reserve tickets visit the link below.

The Addams Family

Christopher will be making his return to the Callahan Theatre stage at Nazareth College from April 20th-22nd in The Addams Family as Ancestor, while covering both Pugsley + Fester. He will also be serving as Dance Captain under the director/choreographer Robin Levine.


Donate Life

After losing his best friend to complications with an organ transplant, Christopher became a strong supporter of Donate Life.

He created a solo cabaret in February of 2017 to raise funds and awareness for the life-saving organization.

Chris is a registered organ donor and encourages everyone to be as well.

Check out the Donate Life website for information, donation opportunities, and to register as a donor.

RIP Kirsten Lee Zacher 06/25/96-07/03/16

Dance Against Disaster

Christopher is the Head of Creativity and Social Media for the Dance Against Disaster campaign. It is a non-profit campaign for rebuilding the arts community in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Teaming with fellow Nazareth College students Jake Smith, campaign creator, and Maria Rodriguez, Puerto Rico Native, they partner with arts educators/creators in Puerto Rico in need of funds for rehabilitating their programs.
-Follow on Instagram @danceagainstdisaster
-Purchase apparel or donate on campaign website.

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