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What's Next?


Your guess is as good as mine!

Fresh off of his run as "Dan"and associate choreographer in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the Axelrod theatre, Christopher is back in NYC auditioning, working, and enjoying what is left of summer. P.S. His birthday is coming up #LeoSzn

Cooking with Chris

A New Endeavor

Picture this:

It's 2018, a young recent college graduate who lived near home his whole life, and never had to make food for himself moves to New York City, all alone. He has no idea how to cook, meal prep, create recipes, use basic kitchen utensils, etc. 

Now imagine him having a huge, goofy personality, a iPhone with a decent camera, and a YouTube channel....

This is something I call: Cooking with Chris.

And you can tune in each week as I upload a new homemade cooking adventure to my YouTube channel for your entertainment. Season One is all up and Season Two is in production now and airing as each episode is ready.




Donate Life


After losing his best friend to complications with an organ transplant, Christopher became a strong supporter of Donate Life.

He created a solo cabaret in February of 2017 to raise funds and awareness for the life-saving organization. There is currently another cabaret in the works for 2019!

Chris is a registered organ donor and encourages everyone to be as well.

Check out the Donate Life website for information, donation opportunities, and to register as a donor.

RIP Kirsten Lee Zacher 06/25/96-07/03/16

Check out Donate Life

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